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single-Season statistics

Completion %쯦ont>

Yards per Attempt*쯦ont>

൳e completions instead쯦ont>

TD % per Attempt쯦ont>

Int % per Attempt 羚nt>

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overall weight쯦ont>

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Welcome to the first and only quarterback ranking system that allows you to adjust the standard passer rating formula.

The official passer rating formula uses four components to rate quarterbacks. We take those components and allow you to weigh their importance. You can even substitute yards per attempt with yards per completion.

To use: make your menu choices and click go! Single-season stats are on the left, career stats on the right. You can also enter your own numbers in our calculator.

Tip: if you want the qb ranking to be on scale with the official passer rating, keep the overall weight at 100.

Data is from 1932 through week 5 of the 2011 season. Have fun!

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Career statistics

Completion %

Yards per Attempt*

꠵se completions instead

Td % per Attempt

Int % per Attempt

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튉 overall weight

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